"pain demands to be felt"
this is my blog that nobody I know knows about because if they did they question me and my thoughts so this is our little secret
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I hate how my parents don’t get why I don’t wanna go to school; I have lost all my effort to make it still seem like I’m a wholesome high achieving happy student. My life is such a mess and all I wanna do is sleep

It’s not love if they don’t love you back

The hardest thing in liking someone is practically this: it starts off as a crush and it’s all fun and sweet and for the first time in ages you actually feel really great about it. Then you end up liking them, this is where the problems begin as they start to consume your every thought, dream, decision! They can have the biggest effort on whether you have a good day or not, and you just can’t help Smiling whenever you hear there name. And it’s just perfect and that’s when you start to wonder. you start to think the worst and realise that they might not like you back or even worse go out with someone else. I think that’s the hardest thing; being infatuated with someone who has fallen for another. Or you realise they’re basically a twat and you get angry cause you hate that you’ve fallen for someone who will treat you like shit: maybe this is coincidence or maybe if we expect to be let down it won’t hurt as bad? So then you decide to give yourself some space and try to get over them and while doing this they do things and text you things that torment you further. And then you realise all the things you firstly liked about them and the cycle never stops the end.

Wow I got all that from one boy who I’m not even seeing

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